New silo inaugurated by president Sisi in Damietta port

Within several projects, President Sisi has opened a new grain silo in Damietta port. 

  Adm./ Ayman Saleh, port of Damietta Authority Chairman said the new grain silo has been established  next to the already existing silo on berth 13 – 14.

 Saleh went on saying that the new project is powerful added value component for our national economy.

  Being the biggest among other 25 silos under a UAE grant for Egypt, the new silo is 70.000 tons capacity and contains ten storing cells.

 Withdrawing capacity from ship is 700 tons / hr; while discharging capacity from the silo is 4500 tons/ hr.

 Saleh added that the silo equipped with new electronic scales, which will help decrease vessel discharged time.

The two berths 13 – 14 can be used in unloading two ships and a time, which means high vessel turnover time and lower vessel dwelling time resulting into more revenues generated by port of Damietta for the interest of our natural economy.