• Port of Damietta is operating under all weather conditions and is opened for navigation throughout the year.
  • The Navigational Passage can be approached from  NW direction while crossing the  passage is at 191°.
  • Navigational charts in use are : (2573-2574-2578)
  • Tide at Port of Damietta is 65-70 cms.
  • Navigational Notice No.43/1998 was made to notify port depth increase from 42 ft to 43,5 ft.
  • Navigational Notice No.122/2008 was made to notify relocation of Liquefied Gas carriers accommodation area to become at 31 42,2°  N and Lat.31 38,1° E as former accommodation area was close to the area where General cargo ships are received.
  • Navigational Declaration No.11/2014 was released referring to Sailors Declaration 6/1995 with following inclusions :

Port of Damietta is ready to receive containerships, Ro/Ro and Grain vessels longer than 250 meters with 13,25-14 meters draft. Up to 11 meters draft General cargo ships can also be accommodated. Two additional berths were included with following details:




  •  Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety (EAMS) has released the navigational declaration no. 3 /2016 incorporating the following update:

Specifications of Port of Damietta’s Navigational Passage are modified to become 16 meters deep with safe navigational depth at 14,5 meters and Turning Basin depth of 15 meters. Also new berths Nos.15,16,17,18 and 19 are added.

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