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Qatar Investment Authority visits Damietta Port

Damietta, Egypt (PortSEurope) October 24, 2022 – Qatar Investment Authority has sent a delegation to visit Damietta Port in Egypt. A delegation from Maha Capital, the investment arm of Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) visited the port to learn about the container terminal and discuss cooperation. This included the new Container Terminal Tahya Misr 1 and Eastern and Western breakwater projects.

A joint venture was founded.

„Damietta Alliance“ developing and operating a new container terminal in Damietta, Egypt

A new terminal will be built in the port of Damietta/Egypt. For this purpose, a Joint Venture was founded to develop and operate the new “Terminal 2” in the port. The Joint Venture “Damietta Alliance Container Terminal S.A.E.” consists of three core shareholders which are Hapag-Lloyd Damietta GmbH (39%), Eurogate Damietta GmbH (29.5%) and Contship Damietta Srl (29.5%). Two other partners, Middle East Logistics & Consultants Group and Ship & C.R.E.W. Egypt S.A.E., will each hold 1%.

The new Terminal 2 at the port of Damietta is expected to start operations by 2024. It will have a final total operational capacity of 3.3 mio TEU and serve as Hapag-Lloyd´s dedicated strategic transshipment hub in the East Mediterranean.

“With the new terminal Hapag-Lloyd will significantly improve its transshipment operation in the East Mediterranean market as well as access to the local Egyptian trade”, said Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO of Hapag-Lloyd.

Thomas H. Eckelmann, Chairman of the EUROGATE Group Management Board, stated: “With the Terminal 2 being operational in 2024, Hapag-Lloyd and its partners will be able to use a state-of-the-art terminal with sufficient capacity, high productivity and a dense feeder network.”

Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, Chairman of the Board of Contship Italia, added: “We feel privileged and are extremely grateful for the support of the Egyptian government. The concession to operate the facility is granted to the Joint Venture for 30 years. This gives us and our respective customers a long-term perspective in the port of Damietta.”

The Egyptian Minister of Transport, Lieutenant-General Eng. Kamel Al-Wazir, commented: “This is a very encouraging, well planned partnership of international and Egyptian private sector in order to position Egypt as a global hub for logistics and trade. In this first phase we will establish the port of Damietta as an integrated logistics hub for containers, which will then be followed by the establishment of logistic corridors reaching to different manufacturing areas in Egypt by railway network.”

The final signing of the concession agreement has taken place today in Cairo, Egypt.

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Damietta Port receives the first ship to export liquefied gas after an 8-year hiatus

Damietta Port Authority announced the restoration of the frequency of liquefied gas tankers to the port again after an 8-year hiatus.

The authority said in a statement that the port received the liquefied gas tanker (GOLAR GLACIER) coming from Singapore, which flies the flag of the Marshall Islands, with a length of 276 meters and a width of 45 meters and a draft of 14 meters, as it will ship 60 thousand tons of LNG (equivalent to 158 thousand cubic meters) to Bangladesh.

The team, engineer Kamel, Minister, Minister of Transport, directed the Damietta Port Authority to follow-up on the field the process of entering the ship and its anchorage on the berth of the Segas company and demanded that the state of readiness be raised and the application of all insurance and safety procedures followed while dealing with such type of ships, and even their anchorage and attachment to the terminal berth using the owned locomotives To the authority and then proceed to leave safely.

It is noteworthy that the gas liquefaction and export station in Damietta Port is considered one of the largest gas liquefaction stations in the Middle East, and the government seeks to work on strengthening Egypt’s position as a regional center for gas and energy trading in the eastern Mediterranean region.

The article Damietta Port receives the first ship to export liquefied gas after an 8-year hiatus. It was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.

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Egypt to launch the largest logistics project in Middle East

Transport Minister Kamel al-Wazir witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Transport Ministry and major European and German companies in the field of handling container terminals, dry ports and logistics to launch the largest logistics project in the Middle East and Africa.

The project includes a container terminal, a railway line, a dry port and a cargo distribution area, with a total investment of 750 million euros, as a first phase.

The minister added that the project also includes the establishment of an integrated logistic corridor that includes a container terminal. The terminal will be linked to a dry port in al-Dhuhair area through a railway line.

The corridor will serve ports of the Eastern branch of the Suez Canal and ports overlooking the Mediterranean, which will reduce pressure on road transport, he said.

The MoU aims at cooperation on a business model for the project to achieve economic development at the Damietta Port and the surrounding area, which in turn will make other Egyptian ports more competitive, the minister said in a statement on Wednesday.

The project will contribute to making the port a pivot point in the Eastern Mediterranean region and to the opening of new export markets through the operation of direct shipping services to the port and increased competitiveness with countries producing similar industrial products, said Wazir.

He pointed out that the project will also contribute to attracting foreign direct investment, reflecting positively on the investment climate in Egypt.

The feasibility study and the proposed business model will be complete within four months. The terminal will be complete by the end of 2022, he stated.

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Private sector to take part in river transport in early FY2018-19

Government wants more private-sector investment in river transport: The River Transport Authority is planning to issue a tender to have the private sector develop and run ports along the Nile in early FY2018-19, which begins in July, authority head Abdel Azim Mohamed reportedly said on Tuesday. He added that an unnamed Saudi-Bahraini consortium is close to signing a USD 100 mn agreement to develop a waterway connecting the Port Said industrial zone with the Nile River. He also reportedly said that a Ukrainian company had reached a USD 100 mn this month with the authority to transport key goods after a delegation from the company visited Egypt this month. By our count, he could be referring to Ukrainian grain trader Nebulon, which is studying the possibility of investing in grain storage and transport projects in Damietta. His statements come as the government looks to encourage private-sector investment in the sector, where non-government players include companies owned by Qalaa Holdings and Raya Holdings. The Transport Ministry is planning to launch tenders for the development of four Nile ports once legislation regulating river traffic and commercial transport is passed. Rumors abound that the Ismail Cabinet is about enact a decision mandating government bodies move a portion of their supplies through the Nile.


Ukrainian company considers investing in grain transport, storage projects at Damietta Port

Ukrainian grain trader Nebulon is studying the possibility of investing in grain storage and transport projects in Damietta, Al Mal reports. A company delegation met with Damietta Port Authority head Ayman Saleh, who accompanied them as they inspected the grain handling stations the port plans to tender. The Damietta Port has been undergoing major upgrades, with the government breaking ground on an EGP 1.3 bn multipurpose platform just last week.


EU delegation visits Damietta Port to explore cooperation

EU Ambassador Ivan Surko_ and the EU’s First Secretary of the Trade and Enterprise division Klara Kanska visited yesterday the Damietta Port to explore potential cooperation, Al Mal reports. The officials discussed the planned construction of a new container terminal at the port and the logistical services available for oil tankers, among other projects open for investment.