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Damietta Port ready to welcome bigger ships

After the recent efforts exerted by Damietta Port authority (DPA) to deepen the navigational channel to 16 meters, the turning circle and the container berths to 15.5 meters, Damietta  Port  is now ready to accommodate giant container vessels up to 14,000 TEU , and 15 meters draft.

DPA Chairman Cpt. Tarek Shahin confirmed Damietta Port is now in the forefront  Eastern Mediterranean ports, especially after being set to implement the “Just In Time Operation” on the operation of ships in the port , which aims to reach zero waiting at the port’s outside waiting area.

Noteworthy that  Damietta Port was the first Egyptian port to introduce OPS technique in providing electric power to berthing vessels. This procedure has raised Damietta’s ranking as a green port and has yielded very positive outcomes that fit in well with MARPOL Convention requirements.

Source: Container News

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