AMADI Tanker received in Damietta Port

DPA Chairman, Rear Admiral / Walid Awad, announced that Damietta Port has received the Brunei-flagged LNG tanker (AMADI), which is 288 meters long, 44 meters wide and is scheduled to load about 64,000 tons of liquefied gas bound for Pakistan.

This consignment to be transported by AMADI is the shipment number (23) since the resumption of work at Damietta Port’s gas liquefaction terminal after about 8 years of operation stoppage at the terminal which is one of the largest gas liquefaction terminals in the Middle East.

DPA Chairman followed up the process of AMADI’s entry and berthing on the gas liquefaction terminal using DPA tugboats. Awad directed to raise the state of readiness until its safe departure, while taking all relevant safety and security precautions.

This comes within the framework of strengthening Egypt’s position as a regional center for gas and energy trading in the region.

DPA Staff