Arzana at Damietta Port for a new round of dredging

Arzana one of the latest dredgers globally has arrived port of Damietta to start periodical dredging of the port’s navigational passage up to 16 meters as per Damietta’s navigational declaration.

This falls within port of Damietta Authority’s annual plan to ensure save navigable depths.

Noteworthy that Arzana is one of the most sophisticated dredgers in the world today. The Hopper-type 109 m long,25 m wide dredger was built in the Dutch IHC docks and conducted initial survey earlier this year at North Sea.

Arzana’s draft is 7,3 m with 6000m3 capacity basin and overall tonnage of 7708 tons. the dredger is expected to remove sedimentations up to 1.8 million m3 over the coming 4 months.