Damietta Port: A Logistic Hub for Oil and Gas Services

Workshop Ends with Success in Damietta Port

On October 26, 2017, Damietta Port organized a successful workshop entitled  “Damietta Port as Gas and Oil Logistic Hub”. The major companies working in the field of oil and gas and which were also awarded the Oil Concession Agreement in the Mediterranean Sea were invited to the event . A number of oil services logistics companies , representatives of competent authorities and the Port of Rotterdam also attended.

In his  opening speech Adm. Ayman Saleh, Chairman of Damietta Port Authority underlined the objectives of the workshop, the competitive advantages of Damietta Port (DP), and the efforts exerted by the port authority to turn DP into a key logistics hub for the oil tankers.

This was followed by a presentation and a documentary film highlighting DP potentials and the facilities provided to clients and port users, especially in the field of oil services.

The Port of Rotterdam Operations General Manager outlined the experience of  Port of Rotterdam in managing its logistics hub, stressing that DP is highly qualified to do the same. Worth mentioning that the Port of Rotterdam is considered Europe’s largest logistics hub.

The workshop ended with a debate to answer queries of the attendees and propose ways of activating what was suggested within this workshop in order to achieve the overall objective of making Egypt a regional hub for energy trading.