Developing Aspects of Cooperation between Ports of Damietta and of Antwerp

In token of global interest in the promising investment opportunities in Damietta Port, especially after the recent discoveries of oil offshore the Mediterranean Sea. Adm. Ayman Saleh, Chairman of Damietta Port Authority (DPA), received a high-level delegation from the Belgian port of Antwerp. The two sides discussed the joint cooperation and investment opportunities available at Damietta Port (DP) after a sightseeing tour inside the port.
The Belgian side praised the competitive advantages and capable infrastructure of DP, especially with the presence of (SEGAS) as a leading global LNG plant, add to this, DP’s close location to the new gas exploration areas in the Mediterranean Sea.
The delegation expressed admiration of DPA’s leading experience in applying (OPS) system to supply ships with electricity . The Belgian side also expressed readiness to arrange for  a MOU to provide DPA with consulting services for supplying ships with fuel.
According to the delegation, this can be done through Antwerp-Damietta ports partnership with the Ministry of Petroleum to upgrade the existing oil station, where related IMO regulations shall be fully observed with special focus on the 2020 Global Sulphar Limit which will enter into force on Jan. 1st, 2020. The 2020 Global Sulphar Limit aims to reduce the sulfur content in fuel to 0.5 in line with the general objectives of the IMO .
On his side, Adm. Saleh stressed the necessity to study  all the aspects of cooperation with the port of Antwerp as soon as possible. Saleh also hinted that the maritime transport market is developing very rapidly and should be met with tangible development in the various port facilities, especially the fuel supply stations to cope with the development of different fuels and the introduction of new fuels. DPA’s Chairman said that the MOU should include training programs for Egyptian workers in the port of Antwerp in preparation for the full transfer of the Belgian expertise in these fields.
According to the international classification, Antwerp is one of the world top five ports in the field of Bunkering.