DPA conducts a joint training with Damietta LNG Company

DPA participated in the joint annual training on firefighting and rescue works, conducted by Damietta LNG Company at the port’s liquefaction terminal in cooperation with a number of competent authorities.

leaders of both sides attended the training, where Rear Admiral / Tarek Adly. DPA deputy Chairman was present on behalf of DPA Chairman.

The training began by simulating the occurrence of a fire in one of the “Ethane gas” storage containers. Immediately the sirens were sounded and the Operations and Civil Protection Center was informed. At the same time, workers at the site were evacuated to emergency locations, and the company’s intervention teams tried to control the fire until the arrival of Civil protection vehicles. The tank on fire was separated from other tanks, and a DPA tugboat started departure’s procedures exceptionally for the gas tanker berthing on the terminal’s jetty, to ensure safety of both vessel and port facilities.

At the end of the training, it was announced that the fire was completely under control without sustaining any losses.

The drills showed mature responsiveness in dealing with emergencies, regularity of reports and signals, speedy response of all participating parties and professional handling of the situation.

DPA Chairman R. Admiral Ahmed Hawash confirmed that this type of training is part of an annual training plan set jointly with all port community members to ensure sound response to emergency situations and cushion against negative impacts of sudden incidents on port facility safety and regular traffic.

Source: DPA Staff