DPA’s Key Recommendations during” Beyond COVID-19 Plague” webinar Series

This week, Damietta Port Authority (DPA) hasparticipated in the second COVID-19 webinar series organized by the Port Training Institute (PTI) of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) under the theme (Management and Marketing of Port & Shipping Services post the pandemic) Speakers, experts and specialists from China and Egypt participated in the debate.

In his working paper entitled (Damietta Port – post Covid -19) broad casted Online via the ZOOM program, DPA Chairman Admiral / Walid Awad, gave a presentation on the measures taken by DPA to cushion against the Corona Virus entry to the port and protective steps to tackle the disease in terms of medical inspection of all vessel crews, sterilizations of port facilities and port users and personnel healthcare procedures.

At the end of the workshop, DPA stressed the importance of digitization of the work procedures, and creation of an e- platform that would include members from all sectors of maritime transport worldwide to exchange views and experiences on urgent issues.

DPA also highlighted the necessity to diversify sources of port income by offering sound investment opportunities.

DPA  joins in the series of (post COVID 19 pandemic) webinars to exchange experiences with international partners and put forward the measures taken by the authority to tackle the adverse impacts of Corona Virus on the maritime world.