Egypt’s Transport Minister Visits Damietta Port

The Minister of Transport, Dr. Hisham Arafat, accompanied by Dr. Manal Awad, Damietta Governor, have had an inspection tour in Damietta port to follow up a number of projects underway.

Dr.Arafat visited the multi-purpose terminal which will include 630 m  long and  17 m deep berth with back yards of 70,000 m2 and a capacity of 4 million tons per year.

“The terminal which costs around EGP 1,3 billion is scheduled for completion  early next April. It will contribute to reduce vessels’ waiting time outside the port, increase the volume of throughput ,allow new types and bigger sizes of ships to use Damietta Port  and add more to the storage area inside the port.” Arafat said.

Transport Minister stressed the need to continue this great development in revenues and operational activity of the port especially that the Ministry have attached great importance to the development of maritime transport, which is viewed as a locomotive for development and a key support to the national economy.

DPA Chairman Cpt.Tarek Shahin made a presentation on a number of current and future projects at the port, such as the purchase of four tractor-type tugs, 60-ton tugging power each, the construction of the second container terminal project with 2000 meters long and 18 meters deep berths and a storage area of 910 ,000 m2 and the deepening of the access channel and turning basin.

In addition to the project of eco- friendly bulk cargo handling and related value added services destined for local and international market services on an area of ​​130 ,000 m2. This project is located in the river port area and connected to the rest of the port terminals through road and railway networks.

Cpt.Shahin also talked about  the setup  of a 285m  long  jetty for urea and ammonia export which will be able to accommodate vessels up to 14m draft and furnished with a backyard totaling 58000 m2 for handling and storing facilities. Another value added project is the Methanol Derivatives complex planned on 100,000 m2 plus a logistic terminal to offer services for gas and oil fields companies. Shahin did not forget to hint at the IT services Damietta Port has far excelled in.


Source : DPA Staff