ExxonMobil Probes Potentials for Gas & Oil Services in Damietta Port

Damietta Port Authority (DPA) Chairman, Cpt. Tarek Shahin met with ExxonMobil delegation to discuss their interest in exploring the possibility to establish a logistic support center in Damietta Port for servicing oil and gas fields.


Both sides looked over port capabilities particularly its unique location near recent oil discoveries and gas fields in the Mediterranean, the available multimodal transport facilities which translate into a competitive edge setting Damietta in front of other national ports.


Shahin welcomed the delegation and confirmed readiness to offer all possible facilities to support the new project stressing the fact that Damietta Port does entertain a wonderful package of strong infrastructure tied with wide expertise in such projects. He also pointed out that global enterprises are currently working in Damietta Port in projects serving recently discovered oil fields in the Mediterranean.


ExxonMobil delegation then made a sightseeing tour to be acquainted with  suitable and recommended sites for their projects. The company wishes to ascertain how ready the port’s infrastructure, logistic services, roads and multimodal transport are to accommodate the new project and how near they are to ExxonMobil production sites.


ExxonMobil is one of the biggest global oil and gas companies. A leader in new technologies and sound waves applications. The company has a brand new technique to extract water from natural gas.

 Source : DPA Staff