Following the signing of an agreement contract witnessed by the Prime Minister:

Minister of Transport: We have a comprehensive plan to develop the maritime transport sector in Egypt

Thomas H. Eckelmann, Chairman of the EUROGATE Group Management Board, stated: We are pleased with the partnership with Egypt. and we have very strong confidence in the Egyptian economy.

Following the conclusion of the contract signing ceremony, witnessed by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, at Cabinet headquarters, regarding a concession agreement to build , develop the superstructure, use, manage, operate, maintain and re-delivery the second container terminal “Tahya Misr 1″in Damietta Port, Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, The Minister of Transport, confirmed that the Ministry of Transport were honored today by signing this contract between the Damietta Port Authority and a global alliance that includes a number of the best international companies working in this field, both in the management and development of marine terminals  or international shipping lines, which is the alliance of “Eurogate Germany” Contship Italia”, and “Hapag Lloyd”, in addition to national Egyptian companies specialized in the field of maritime transport.

Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir added that today we are presenting to Damietta Port a new container terminal that will add about 3.5 million containers annually in handling capacity, pointing out that the most comprehensive and largest project, which was agreed upon with the coalition, is to establish a corridor or a logistics hub entirely based primarily on the terminal. In the port of Damietta, then it goes to a group of large logistic or industrial zones starting from Damietta to Upper Egypt, passing through the Delta and Cairo, until the concept of ​​the large logistic axis is realized; In pursuit of the overarching goal that we are working to implement in accordance with the directives of the President, which is for Egypt to be a center for logistics.

The minister said that the development work does not only include Damietta port, but also the ports of: Alexandria, Dekheila, Sokhna, Safaga, Gerboub, and all other Egyptian ports, as we aim to increase the number of berths and trading yards; In order to achieve a qualitative leap in the field of maritime transport in Egypt , in addition to accelerating procedures to increase the handling capacity in the ports, increasing the lines of the Egyptian fleet, and the number of ships that we will use during the coming period.

The minister ended by renewing his congratulations to the employees in the Ministry of Transport, especially in DPA, for this agreement, and he also congratulated the officials of the global alliance, stressing that we were honored to sign the agreement contract with this great and strong global alliance.

For his part, Mr. Thomas H. Eckelmann, Chairman of the EUROGATE Group Management Board”, expressed his honor today to sign a cooperation contract with the Ministry of Transport, with our partners in Italy, and the largest international shipping lines, and said:” In fact, May 10, 2022 has become an important date. We, as partners, are happy with this partnership with Egypt, noting that his company is the largest container operator in Germany, and we, as an alliance, are among the top four in the world as operators of terminals, shipping lines and logistic activities.”

Eckelmann added that we have started cooperating with the Ministry of Transport in Egypt since 2018, and we have cooperated very well in order to turn Damietta Port into an important container hub in the eastern Mediterranean region, thanking the Minister of Transport for his great support to them since the start of work, pointing out that the President of the Republic met with them several times, where the President affirmed his strong support for them, as “Eckelmann” indicated to the Prime Minister’s affirmation of his support for them as well, and thanked the political leadership and Dr. Mustafa Madbouly for this great support, which resulted in a huge project. With large investments in the port of Damietta, stressing that they have in the alliance very strong confidence in the Egyptian economy.

He said that our group aims from this project is to transform the port into the largest international container terminal in the world. He thanked again the Ministry of Transport and the Minister, and expressed his pride in cooperating with the ministry.

Source: Egyptian Cabinet Presidency.