For the first time in Egyptian ports, electro-powered cranes are in use in Damietta.

In line with the Egyptian maritime transport strategy to raise the international classification of national sea ports as environment friendly green ports, DPA Chairman, Rear Admiral. Walid Awad announced that Damietta has successfully used environmentally friendly electric powered cranes for handling operations.


The newly introduced system aims to curb harmful effects of using traditionally fueled systems and promote environment friendly techniques to minimize harmful emissions. Mobile electricity units supply the cranes with required electric power.


DPA chairman pointed out this is an important step towards transforming Damietta into a global standard green port. All port community members and enterprises are regularly communicated to keep adherence to environment requirements.


The technique of electro-powered cranes comes on the footsteps of the successful OPS system previously initiated by Damietta Port to provide ships while at berth with electricity instead of using ship’s own turbines.


Source: DPA Media Staff