Global Voith Company invited DPA to visit its factories

Due to the importance of the latest global technology in the industry of Propellers., ADM. / Ayman Saleh Port of Damietta Authority Chairman went to Germany, by invitation from Voith Group, To visit the companies’ factories and get acquainted with its production lines according to latest technology in pilot ship and anti-pollution boat construction.

 ADM./ Saleh also went to Voith’s Lab Tug simulator where a number of computerized maneuvers were carried and for the port’s  two tugs” Mukhtar & Ibrahim.”   

 The visit underlined Voith’s ability to provide spare parts, services and maintenance necessary for Damietta port tug fleet.

 On the fringe of the visit, ADM./ Saleh called on port of Hamburg to see how Egyptian ports can benefit from state of the art operation systems models and techniques adopted in this key European hub port. Possible venues for mutual cooperation were also propped.

  Port of Damietta Authority Chairman also met while Happag Lloyds Chief Executives to explain possible services and arrangements Damietta port and make available for this leading partner in the Global Alliance.

 Noteworthy, Damietta managed lately to attract this alliance to arrange rotation service through Damietta by a very competitive package of advantages.