MIASO To Build 4 Tractor Tugboats for DPA

Within the framework of national directives to develop ports of Egypt  and the services provided to maximize the benefit of maritime transport in support of the national economy, DPA Chairman ,Cpt. Tarek Shahin has signed a contract with Major General Hosam El-Din kotb, representative of the Marine Industries and Services Organization (MIASO) ,affiliated to the Egyptian Defense Ministry to construct and supply four new Tractor Tugboats for Damietta Port.

The new deal which will be handed over to DPA in two years, comes as a response to the growing demand on Damietta Port services due to recent infrastructure updates and new projects that will start working in the near future.

Cpt. Tarek Shahin said that the four Tugboats are  tractor system ,towing power of (60) tons per Tugboat. The Tugboat is 35 meters long, 11.5 meters wide with an overall draft of 5.0 meters. The speed of the tugboat is 12 knots.

DPA Staff