Radiation Detection Device for Outgoing Containers in use in Damietta Port

Port of Damietta is operating  a P60 device for the detection of outgoing containers.

Rear Admiral / Ayman Saleh, Damietta Port Authority (DPA) Chairman said that DPA  has both  overcome all obstacles and facilitated the operation of the device.

DPA decided to run the radiation detector for the exported containers alternately with the environmental monitoring device located on the container gate for a period of one month, which is needed  for the construction of a wall to set apart the two devices, then both devices can be  operated simultaneously.

Also DPA has reached a contract to build the concrete wall .Construction started  and  necessary maintenance of the metal  gates of the device after electrification  begun. Currently, test operation has shown some defects which are being handled to ensure full and  defect free operation.