Regularity ships’ traffic from and to Damietta port despite the bad Hydro meteorological (weather)

Owing to bad and cold weather in the area associated with kasim Nawa in the past few days, the  guides and tugs leaders of Damietta port authority managed to execute 106 ships’ movements to and from the port’ berths during the past week despite the wind speed about 36 knots.

 Where most ports in the area locked bogaz and stopped the navigation traffic due to bad weather, but in Damietta port there was no vessels in the outside waiting area.

ADM. /Ayman Saleh, Chairman of DPA, clarified that the port’s continuous maritime traffic operation is due to the port competitive advantage of the west breakwater design, that extends to 1500 long m. inside the sea, for protecting against the wave height caused by wind speed which represent great danger for ships during its entrance the access channel, in addition ” Arazna” Dredger regularity working in depth maintenance.    

  It is known that the bad weather and Hydro meteorological is a great challenge to vessels ‘ traffic and cargo inside the ports, but this not affected the Damietta port rates.