South Korean liner shipping company HMM at Damietta Port

In culmination of the negotiations that took place between Kamel Al Wazir, Minister of Transport and the leaders of the South Korean liner shipping company HMM – formerly known as Hyundai Merchant Marine, on the sidelines of the fringes of the International Maritime Organization elections in London marking the entry of HMM ships to Egyptian ports for the first time.

Rear Admiral /Walid Awad, Chairman of the Damietta Port Authority, stated that the port received HMM’s HYUNDAI NEW YORK Containership on its first voyage to the Egyptian ports coming from the Italian port of Genoa.

The vessel is 293 meters in length, 40 meters in width and with a draft of 12.5 meters. Its total tonnage is about 71 786 thousand tons, and its maximum load is about 12 thousand TEUs.The ship unloaded and shipped 391 TEUs and is scheduled to depart for the Saudi port of Jeddah.

Awad added that the calling of the Korean HMM shipping line on Damietta Port on its first voyage to Egyptian ports underlines the port’s ability to receive and handle giant container ships, especially after the efforts made by DPA to deepen the access channel and Turning basin to reach a draft of 16 and 15.50 meters respectively.

Reaching these depths is a good advantage that will enhance the competitiveness of the container terminal and its development efforts in the future. Thus, enabling the port to larger container ships, maintaining regular calls of the shipping lines dealing with the port and attracting more new shipping lines.

Source : DPA News