Spanish SEGAS talks with Damietta Port Authority to resume work at seagas Plant

In light of the general directives  to re-operate gas liquefaction plants and in the framework of continuous cooperation between Damietta Port Authority(DPA) and the Spanish Egyptian Gas Company (SEGAS), the Authority discussed with a delegation of the company means to resume work at Seagas plant inside port of Damietta.

Egypt stopped the import of gas as a result of the discovery of new gas fields such as “Zohr field ” causing work to discontinue at Seagas Plant.

DPA side  expressed readiness of towage services at the port to receive any number of LNG vessels as the port is equipped with globally recognized techniques. DPA is currently organizing intensive training courses for its crew of tug pilots and masters, stressing that mooring men are well-trained to  handle any situation.

DPA also indicated that the Authority is fully prepared to provide all facilities available to serve LNG vessels.