The Damietta LNG plant is (finally) back online after eight years of being idled

with two liquefied natural gas shipments making their way out of the Damietta Port yesterday, marking a key step towards our ambitions to become an energy hub and boost natural gas exports to Europe. An LNG carrier from the Marshall Islands is transporting 60000 tons of LNG from Egypt to Bangladesh, is about 276 m. length, 45 m. width, and has a draft of 14 m. equivalent to 158,000 cubic meters, bound for Bangladesh. A separate trial shipment is also being loaded onto a carrier owned by energy and commodities trader Vitol, and will make its way to Europe.

Egypt plans to use its position on Europe’s doorstep to become a major supplier to the continent, which is transitioning away from dirtier fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

The country will become one of the top 10 LNG exporters once it reaches full capacity, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.