Ukrainian Company Considers Investment in River Transport at Damietta Port

In line with Ministry of Transport’ s policy to maximize benefits of the river transport system and activate the transport of goods via River Nile, Damietta Port has received a delegation from the Ukrainian Grain Trading Company,  Nebulon.

The Visit aimed to study the possibility of investing in transporting grain and establishing modern silos on the banks of the Nile in coordination with Egypt’s River Transport Authority, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade and the Ministry of Irrigation.

Rear Adm. Ayman Saleh, Chairman of Damietta Port Authority met with the company delegation and accompanied them in a field tour as they inspected the grain handling stations and the areas offered for investments.

The chairman of Nebulon praised the infrastructure of the port and the river transport system .He explained that the company has sufficient experience to replicate the Ukrainian model of fluvial transport of grain in Damietta port.

Nebulon is a good name in grain production world with more than 25 years of experience in grain related services such as storing, transporting and exporting.

The company’s visit schedule includes ports of Alexandria, Damietta and Portsaid. Two workshops are planned  independently at Ministry of Transport and Internal Trade Development Authority.