Wheat consignment shipped to Imbaba Silos via Damietta Port’s River transport.

As part of the continued efforts to activate and maximize the use of fluvial transport of goods via the Nile, DPA Chairman, Rear Admiral / Walid Awad stated that 10 river barges belonging to the National Nile Company for River Transport left the port of Damietta with 3000 tons of wheat, something like the weight of 60 road trucks, from the silos of Damietta port to the Imbaba silo across the Nile River.

Awad ordered to accelerate the departure of wheat on board these units on time, adding that the transport of goods in general via the Nile is the cheapest and least expensive means of transportation, which leads to lower prices of goods and merchandise that are transported through the Nile. River transport is a value-added system as one of the multi modes of transport within the port of Damietta, which gives the port a great competitive advantage.

A further set of Nile barges are expected in days to transport a new wheat consignment from Damietta.

Damietta Port’s River transport terminal has 340 meters long berth with a draft of 5 meters and connected to River Nile Damietta Branch through a 4,5 kms long channel.