Zero Waiting .. Outstanding Achievement In Damietta Port

Damietta Port Authority (DPA) announced that the number of vessels in port’s external waiting area is ( zero ship).

DPA Chairman, Capt. Tarek Shahin, said that the port has managed to reduce the number of  waiting vessels in the external waiting area to “zero ship”.

“DPA has implemented plans that led to perform loading and discharging  up to international rates leading to speedier ship cycle” He added.

Unlike other ports, Damietta Port does not stop working in bad weather conditions, as water breakers particularly the western one which extends for 1500 m inside the sea ,provides good protection to calling vessels against high waves in windy weather conditions.

Shahin said thank you to Damietta Port pilots and tug masters for their outstanding performance  throughout the year. His greetings are also extended to stevedoring cos. for their diligent operations that leads to speedier handling rates at berths.

Source : DPA Staff