Damietta Port receives two of the latest containers in the world

The port of Damietta received today the Calypso ship, which has 2 German crane vehicles (Liebherr), and the two cabins for work on herds 5 and 6, which are the alternative locations assigned by the port authority to the container terminal during the development process. (19659002), with a tonnage of 120 tons and a weight of approximately 380 tons. It can handle the containers efficiently. Liebherr, the German manufacturer of cranes, .is one of the largest equipment manufacturers And cranes in the world.

In this context Chief General Ayman Saleh, chairman of the Damietta Container Terminal board, as it undertakes to carry out the development process carried out by the station for its cabins, in particular the allocation of 5-6 cabins for the receipt of container ships and the completion of trade transactions, except to give the holders of containers the priority of cottages. With shipping agents working in the field of containers, they offer these facilities and ensure the smooth operation of the station.

It is worth mentioning that the vessel’s shipping (Calipso) of the freight ship (SAL), which took freight. Cranes from the port (Rostock) Port Damietta is the first to do it The line to the Egyptian ports.