Egypt’s Damietta Port could be one of the first ports globally to use the just-in-time (JIT) concept prior to approval by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), according to the facility’s authority.

Damietta Port Authority (DPA) said that a co-ordination meeting, which included shipping agents and stevedoring firm representatives, saw agreement “to take all necessary measures to ensure quick adoption of JIT and address any obstacles that may arise”.

The authority noted that it had finished a study to gauge how to implement JIT in ship operations in collaboration with port community.

The completion of this study was in line with the directives of Egyptian Minister of Transportation Kamel al-Wazir to develop marine ports and services to maximise maritime transport’s part in supporting Egypt’s economy.

According to the DPA, the JIT concept is still being studied by the IMO. The objective of the concept, according to the authority, is to obtain zero-level at outside port anchorage.

The DPA said that under JIT, a shipping agent must submit a vessel-berthing request, reporting a ship’s arrival date no less than 72 hours in advance — with no less than 12 hours for reconfirmation. A stevedoring company must complete all loading/unloading request procedures in 24 hours.

At the same time, the DPA shall inform a calling vessel, in advance, of its designated berth and departure date, according to the set standards.

“The new JIT [concept] will help save time [and] reduce costs and harmful emissions from ships at the port,” the authority said.

Source :portstrategy