Environmental Observatory

The Environmental Observatory(EO) in Damietta Port is the Largest monitoring station that has been linked with the national network of environmental monitoring inside Egypt. It is an integrated observatory and all its departments cover internationally recognized environmental measurements.

In this context Damietta Port Authority cooperated with  the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency( EEAA) to  establish this first integrated (EO) on an area of ​​180  square meters inside Damietta Port.

 The objectives of the Observatory:

 Monitoring air quality in the region

Putting into effect Environmental Law No. 4 of 1994

Providing database on air and water quality in the region

Components of the (EO) :

 measuring devices Air quality

measuring devices water quality

monitoring devices Meteorological

First: air quality Monitoring lab.

Fixed station which monitors air quality in the region around the clock, calculates and records averages on network database.

-Portable devices for monitoring industrial emissions and work environment including (noise – ventilation- Illumination intensity – car exhaust – the opacity of smoke – heat stress).

 Second: Meteorological monitoring devices

All elements of the meteorology are measured including temperature, humidity, wind speed direction and the direction of air masses that can be used to determine the source of Pollution.

 Third: Water quality monitoring lab.

The Observatory has been equipped with a range of portable devices for monitoring and measuring the physical and hydrographic properties of water, the degree of alkalinity and suspended solids concentration, In addition to Chemical properties, like the concentration of some elements such as sulphate, phosphate, iron, copper and lead.

 OE Working Group

A highly qualified team of researchers and specialists with master and doctoral degrees.