YEP MED project “Youth Employment in the Ports of the Mediterranean”

Damietta Port Authority (DPA) is committed to play an effective role in community development and social participation. To that end, DPA participates in the YEP MED project, which aims at building the capacities and developing the skills of young people to be qualified for working in port-related activities. The YEP MED project “Youth Employment in the Ports of the Mediterranean“ is co-financed by the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) of the European Union. The project targets mainly young people, men and women, from Damietta governorate. DPA is working closely with all stakeholders to launch the project, which will last for 30 months and include training courses in 3 main areas: foreign trade, sustainable development and port logistics.

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The YEP MED project, funded under the European Union’s ENI CBC MED Programme, will put in place a digital platform for the creation of simulated companies operating in the field of maritime transport together with the different port communities participating in the project. Technical courses as well as practical internships will be carried out targeting NEETs, women and young people in the seven participating countries.
For more information, you can head to the project website: #enicbcmed #gomed @enicbcmed