Vision & Mission of DPA

Maritime Transport plays an important and effective role in the Egyptian economy. It is a focal point that links Egypt with all countries around the world due to its unique location. Maritime industry is considered one of the key assets of maritime activities in Egypt, in addition to being a prominent pillar that affects foreign trade.

DPA comes at the forefront of the Egyptian ports recently developed by the Egyptian Ministry of Transport considering its distinguished location. The port is about 23n.m from the northern entrance of the Suez Canal, which is  a major advantage for all the vessels crossing the Suez Canal. DPA, also, entertains huge potentials qualifying it to become the primer Egyptian commercial port. One of its many advantages is the applied integrated automated system that serves the national economy.

DPA’s Vision

Damietta Port Authority is the pivot of economic, scientific and social development in its local and regional domain, and our goal is to achieve national prosperity.

DPA’s Mission

Damietta Port is a leading port in offering maritime transport, logistics and marine services .The port aims to meet customer needs  in areas such as stevedoring, ,storing and  logistics at  highest productivity levels and up to top standards of safety, quality and environment preservation .

Damietta port is strategically located and has an impressive  infrastructure to operate the port. The port is also connected to the hinterland via an integrated network of multimodal transport including  land, rail and river which renders the port accessible.

Damietta Port Authority (DPA) Strategic objectives

  • Reducing operating costs while maintain the level of services provided.

  • Creating a pro-investment environment that attract both foreign and domestic investors.

  • Using multi-modal transport.

  • Evolving into an eco-friendly port  to achieve objectives of sustainable development.

  • Providing a safe work environment at highest  safety and occupational health standards to realize objectives of sustainable development.

  • Fostering  Damietta Port’s social involvement.

  • Upgrading the human element performance in all aspects.

  • Improving labor care levels.