Vision & Mission of DPA

Maritime Transport plays an important and effective role in the Egyptian economy. It is a focal point that links Egypt with all countries around the world due to its unique location. Maritime industry is considered one of the key assets of maritime activities in Egypt, in addition to being a prominent pillar that affects foreign trade.

DPA comes at the forefront of the Egyptian ports recently developed by the Egyptian Ministry of Transport considering its distinguished location. The port is about 23n.m from the northern entrance of the Suez Canal, which is  a major advantage for all the vessels crossing the Suez Canal. DPA, also, entertains huge potentials qualifying it to become the primer Egyptian commercial port. One of its many advantages is the applied integrated automated system that serves the national economy.

 Vision of DPA                                                                           

Promoting DPA role in the service of national economy  within the framework of the ministry of Transport plan for developing the Egyptian ports and to enhance its efficiency in accordance with the directives of the Egyptian government.

 Mission of DPA

Providing integrated port services both efficiently and effectively using the latest technologies in the field of maritime transport industry with efficient operating instructions and efficient staff.

Strategy of DPA                                                                                                     

  • Developing the infrastructure of DPA and raising the efficiency of the marine services fleet
  • Adding new lengths to the berths up to 17 m.
  • Deepening the waterway, basin and the turning channel to allow enhance DPA ability to accommodate the latest generations of mother vessels.
  • Increasing the storage capacity throughout establishing further stores, sheds and arenas.
  •  Achieving the port’s  maximum accommodation capacity of the port in relation to the volume of ships & cargo movements.
  • Creating an attractive environment for investment in the port.
  • Keeping on Compliance with certificates: ISO 9001: 2008 & OHSAS 18001: 2007   in the field of ​​quality, safety and occupational health.