Marine services area

Berths are dedicated mainly for port authority’s marine units mooring including (Tugs- Pilot ships – mooring units and anti-pollution boats  )

Fuel Supply station for ships

  • Affiliated to Oil Cooperation.           
  • 2 piers dedicated for receiving oil supply ships.
  • 2 tanks totaling 27.200 m3.
  • Railway service is provided for station refueling. 


Traffic tower


    •  State of the art traffic systems, the latest in Mediterranean area.
  •  Visual and technical control systems using cameras, radars and trucking devices for all incoming and outgoing vessels up to 50nautical miles.
  •  Helps significantly in safe ship mooring.

Administrative area

    • Port authority chairman’s office and port authority departments.
    • Electronic department.
    • Logistics services center
    • Port operation and crisis management center.
    • International ISPS code
    • Customs.
    • Port Police.
    • Imports & Exports control.
    • Customs access.
    • French village.
    • Main workshops.
  • South treatment plant.